Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We’re Back – and Brighter Than Ever!

After a year-long sabbatical, Better BTU is back!

When our blog writer left for a new position, the Better BTU fell to the backburner, as many of us were busy with other projects. With so many interesting and exciting developments in the field of waste-to-energy, we have decided to bring back the main blog under the umbrella of her new company.

Since objective analysis has always been a primary goal of ours, Better BTU will discontinue the project and technology blogs, as commenting on a competing technology would present a conflict of interest for our main writer. Our writer will report on her company’s technology and affiliated projects once the technology reaches the market, as The ReNewable Gas Company (RNG) will become official sponsors of this site. At that time, we will publicly acknowledge a connection with RNG and provide links to the company’s website in order to promote transparency.

Our main blog, which addresses issues and emerging trends in the field of biomass waste-to-energy, will continue to report as it has before. Look for continued reporting on include national and international legislation, economics of projects and spotlights on those advancing the field of waste-to-energy.

We hope you’ll continue down the path to green energy with us and we want to thank you for reading Better BTU – we’ve missed you all!

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