Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's In A Name?

For those of you who have been steadily following Better BTU, you know we have three different blogs:
  1. Better BTU Technologies - where we review and compare different technologies in the industry
  2. Better BTU Projects - where we survey projects in the industry and continue to bring you updates on their progress
  3. Waste Conversion Congress Blog - where we brought you updates and reflections on the Waste Conversion Congress on the West Coast that took place in San Jose on Dec. 6-7

Even though we've still got a few more blog entries in the future that will relate to the Waste Conversion Congress, we've decided to change its name to Better BTU Blog. This blog will act as a homepage of sorts where we'll discuss various topics that relate to the industry but do not fall under the categories of projects or technologies. 

We appreciate all the wonderful feedback we've been receiving about the blogs and we decided that we had so much more to say that we wanted to have a "home base" to discuss philosophies, trends, obstacles, etc. Our very next blog entry will be on the need for cleaner definitions of terminology in our industry. The sky's the limit (and one we hope to keep clean) for what we'll talk about here!

If you have any suggestions for topics you want to see covered by Better BTU or projects or technologies you think might have an impact on our industry, please drop us a note! You can comment on our blog, tweet us (@BetterBTU) or send us a message on LinkedIn. We look forward to hearing from you!

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